Open from 11am to bar time, 7 days a week (excluding some holidays). Lunch and dinner served from 11am to 10pm.

Cocktails & Specialty Drinks

Frozen Drinks

Crème de menthe, crème de cacao blended with ice cream and lined with chocolate.
Frozen Russian
Vodka and coffee liqueur blended with ice cream.
Brandy Alexander
Crème de cacao and brandy blended with ice cream and lined with chocolate.
Pink Squirrel
Crème de cacao and crème de almond blended with ice cream and lined with chocolate.


Sweet Mango Spritzer
Mango puree, Bacardi rum, a splash of lime juice, topped with lemon-lime soda.
Kingsley Way
Simple syrup, Yahara Bay whisky, amaretto and a splash of lemon juice topped with soda water.
Cucumber T&T
Cilantro, lime and cucumber muddled with Tanqueray gin and tonic water.
Electric Lemonade
Pinnacle Kiwi-Strawberry vodka, blue curacao and lemonade.
Apple Old Fashioned
Muddled orange & cheery with Yahara Bay Apple Brandy, simple syrup, bitters served with your choice of sweet or sour.
Red Delicious
Smirnoff Apple vodka, lemonade and a splash of cherry juice.
Vintage Sangria
Mango rum, orange & pineapple juices topped with Merlot
Margarita on the Rocks 
Milagro Silver tequila, triple sec & sour mix topped with lime juice. Served with a salted rim.
Colorado Bulldog
Vodka, coffee liquor & cream topped with your choice of Pepsi or VBC Rootbeer.
French 75
Hendricks gin, Wycliff champagne, lemon, and simple syrup topped with soda & Sierra Mist.


Apple Pie
VBC house made Apple Pie liqueur shaken over ice.
Classic Apple
Apple vodka, DeKuyper Apple Schnapps & sour mix.
Pineapple Upside Down
Pinnacle Whipped vodka, Malibu rum, pineapple juice finished with cherry juice.
Pinnacle Pomegranate vodka, Pama liquor and sour mix.
Pinnacle Whipped vodka mixed with light & dark Godiva chocolate and Irish Creme
Pinnacle Raspberry vodka, Chambord liquor and sour mix.