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Our Brews On Tap

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Weiss-Blau – Bavarian-style Weissbier

Our take on a classic, this is a Bavarian-style unfiltered wheat beer. Light golden in color, hazy and with a snow white crown of foam, our Weissbier (“white beer” in German) has an inviting fruity/ spicy aroma reminiscent of banana, citrus and clove. Brewed with generous amounts of wheat and imported Munich malt, the flavor is sweet and rounded yet refreshing and highly drinkable.   1.050 OG   14 IBUs   5.5% abv

Why the Name? The colors of the Bavarian flag are checkered white and blue, or “weiss und blau” in German.

Scaredy Cat – Oatmeal Stout

Dark beer lovers rejoice! Our pitch black stout is packed with the rich malt flavors of chocolate, caramel, molasses and espresso and is brewed with a large portion of rolled oats for a well-rounded, “chewy” mouthfeel. Hearty and robust, Scaredy Cat is no scrawny little kitty. Scaredy Cat is great with our beer-battered fish and chips or our rich and delicious brownie sundae!   1.065 OG     30 IBUs     6.0% abv

Winner of the bronze medal at the 2015 Great American Beer Festival®!

Named “Best of the Midwest” Regional Champion- stout category!  USBTC winter 2010/ 2011 judging. For details, see

McLovin – Irish Red Ale

Ruby red and medium-bodied, with a smooth, satisfying malt-forward flavor and just a touch of roast in the finish, McLovin is never bitter and always ready for a good time. Slainte!   1.051 OG    21 IBUs    5.2% abv Check out the in depth review by Robin Shepard in his article Beer Here: McLovin Irish Red from Vintage Brewing in the Isthmus/The Daily Page. Received the bronze medal in the 2012 World Beer Cup®  – Irish-style Red Ale category!  World Beer Cup® 2012 Winners List Received the silver medal in the 2014 World Beer Cup®  – Irish-style Red Ale category!  World Beer Cup® 2014 Winners List


Dedication – Abbey Dubbel

In the tradition of the Trappist brewing monks of Belgium, our abbey dubbel features aromas of stone fruit, ginger, anise and raisins and a bold complex depth of malt character. Imminently drinkable.   1.082 OG   18 IBUs   9.2% abv





Woodshed – Oaked India Pale Ale

Woodshed is a unique IPA experience- something of a hybrid British IPA/ American IPA, brewed with 2 types of oak chips for a truly distinctive flavor.  English First Gold and Fuggles hops lend fruity and woodsy notes to the aroma, as well as a restrained bitterness, and an unmistakeable yet subdued oaky essence winds its way throughout this beer’s character.  Imagine a hearty, heavily-hopped ale riding in an oak barrel on a tall ship to India 150 years ago.   1.062 OG   65 IBUs    6.5% abv

Why the Name? The term “woodshed” has several meanings.  In the world of music and the arts, to “woodshed” means to practice intensively in private, to hone your skills and perfect your style before taking your talent into the public spotlight. On the other hand, to be “taken to the woodshed” means, well, another thing entirely…

 Sister Golden Ale – Kölsch

Modeled after the famous namesake beer of Cologne, Germany, our light-bodied and refreshing Kölsch features a mild malty flavor and low bitterness. A suggestion of fruit and malt in the aroma and just a kiss of noble German hops for balance make for a very refreshing and easy-drinking pint. In a world gone mad stretching the limits of beer flavor and bitterness and strength… behold- a beautifully crisp and light golden blonde ale!   1.045 OG   20 IBUs   4.9% abv

Why the Name? …there’s a classic rock group called America, and they have this song…

Marmalada – Saison

Zesty citrus meets cracked black pepper and grains of paradise in our tawny autumn saison. Medium bitter with a dry finish, aroma hop additions of Galaxy & Sorachi Ace yield further suggestions of lemon, tangerine & grassy herbal tea.   1.057 OG   29 IBUs   6.2% abv

Better Off Red – Hopped Up American Red Ale

Brewed with a blend of American caramel malts for deep color and malt sweetness, and bombarded with hops throughout the brewing and conditioning process for a hoppy aroma and snappy bitter bite. Six hop varieties each vie for attention from the first sniff through the lingering finish- some citrusy, some resiny, some earthy and dank… but all in a high-flying balancing act with the malt richness.  1.064 OG   45 IBUs   6.6% abv

Why the Name? Ask any Badger….you’re better off red!

Pumpkin Disorderly – Spiced Abbey Ale

No tricks- just treats. Our pumpkin ale is an abbey ale first and a specialty beer second- formulated with a keen sense of balance. Brewed with real pumpkin and a secret blend of spices, along with caramel and roasted malts, we bring you the essence of the harvest season in a glass!    1.069 OG   13 IBUs   7.4% abv

Tabula Rasa – Abbey-style Table Beer

Crisp, simple and inviting as a continental pilsner, yet graced with distinctive spicy aromas, our abbey-style table beer is a versatile companion for many foods, and is equally enjoyable on its own.   1.052 OG   29 IBUs   5.3% abv

30 Point Bock – Dunkels Bock

Fall seasonal. An homage the famous strong dark lagers of Germany, our 30 Point Bock is rich and substantial yet with a smooth and clean finish. Stylistically 30 Point is a “dunkels”, meaning “dark”, and Dunkels Bock beers feature an awesome depth of malt flavor with very little hop presence or bitterness. Look for lovely ruby highlights within its red-brown hue, and enjoy our bock best with rich and hearty food from the grill. Steaks, sausages, and VENISON would make excellent company for the “30 Pointer”.   1.066 OG    23 IBUs    6.7% abv

Toy Boat – American IPA

Hops take the spotlight in this bold and assertive American IPA, from luscious &
enticing aromas through a brisk bitterness that lingers like a daydream.
1.074 OG  85 IBUs  7.8% abv

Miroir Noir – Belgo-American Black IPA

In the shadowy forest of Black IPA’s, we meander down a different path. Our Belgo-American Black IPA is a sticky bramble of resiny American hops in a twilight morass of dark roasted malts. Fermented with Belgian abbey yeast for beguiling undertones of fruit and spice. No moon, no pale reflection…   1.076 OG   90 IBUs   8.1% abv

Dreamboat – Golden Wheat Alewhipporwill for ad-01

Our fresh mild golden wheat ale is dry-hopped with New Zealand’s distinctive ‘Nelson Sauvin’ hops, for luscious tropical fruity aromas of passion fruit, mango and citrus.   1.049 OG   16 IBUs   5.3% abv




Maximilian (Max) – Stout

Originally brewed by English brewers in the late 1800’s for export to the royal court of the Russian Empire, imperial stouts were once the private beverage of the czars. Very dark, with big roast and dark malt flavors, significantly hopped for balance against a massively chewy full body, and with a warming strength that can melt away the chills of a harsh northern winter…these are the trademarks of an imperial stout.   1.090 OG   75 IBUs   9.2% abv

Why the name? Yes, it’s a play on words- so much malt was used in brewing this beer that our mash tun (where crushed grains and brewing water come together in the brewing process) was literally full to the brim…maxed out! Incidentally, there wasn’t an actual “Emperor Maximilian” in the lineage of Russian royalty, but there was a famous satirical work in 19th century Russian folk theater called “Emperor Maximilian”. Likewise, no real czars will be enjoying “Max Stout”, but we’d be honored if actors, playwrights and fans of the theater might draw inspiration from a few sips.

Mach Schnell! – Pilsner

Crafted with Wisconsin-grown 6-row barley and locally grown German- pedigree hops, this crisp & classic true lager honors Old World tradition with local bounty. The American craft pilsner with a German accent!  1.052 OG   32 IBUs   5.5% abv

Derby Girl – English-style ESB (Extra Special Bitter)

Friendly and inviting as a cozy English pub, our ESB has a wonderful balance of hops and malt. Imported Maris Otter and caramel malts lend a biscuity, toasty sweetness, while classic East Kent Goldings hops provide a distinctive fresh fruity aroma and just a touch of bitterness.  Despite its “bitter” title, our ESB is a readily enjoyable and even-tempered brew with a modest hoppy bite. Try Derby Girl ESB with our Fish and Chips for a tasty and authentic English pub experience!  1.057 OG   48 IBUs   6.0% abv

Why the Name? “Derby Girl ESB” was originally named in honor of the hard-skating women of roller derby.  Roller derby athletes are regular women with (often) normal lives, families, jobs…but they choose the fast-paced, brawling world of derby for sport and recreation.  It’s all about balance- like a great ESB!

2014 Templeton Dedication – Barrel-aged Abbey Strong Ale

Our famous abbey strong ale takes on a mellow and spirited new persona following a long slumber in Templeton rye whiskey barrels.  ~10.7.% abv

Winter Wilderland – Barrel-aged Sahti Wild Ale

Derived from 2014 ‘Joulupukki’ juniper/rye Sahti, this outlandish barrel-aged wild ale spent 12 months quietly evolving in former spirits barrels via Lactobacillus and Brettanomyces cultures. An intricate flavor matrix of tart and funky, with notes of pie cherry, oak, vanilla, rum, and glimmerings of evergreen and holiday spice.  ~9.2.% abv

Cask-conditioned real ale – Always two on tap with new selections rotating in frequently

The modern industrial age has brought many improvements to our modern lives, including some that have altered our perception of beer and what it could and should be. Ice-cold refrigeration and unnatural forced carbonation have helped to promote flavorless fizzy (yet indefinitely stable) beers worldwide. But what of the time-honored methods of yesteryear? Unpasteurized, unfiltered and all-natural real ales hearken back to the advent of brewing and civilization itself. Regardless of style, these beers undergo a second fermentation in the cask, resulting in natural carbonation, and are served hand-pulled through “beer engines” at traditional cellar temperature (50-60F). The enhanced aroma and flavor will make a believer out of you, too! Purists will tell you, this is the only way to experience “real ale”…alive and on cask!